The Flatbed is a heavy-duty commercial truck in Grand Theft Auto:Vice City and GTA:Vice City Stories. It is similar in design to the M939 "5-ton" truck. The Flatbed can be found in Viceport parked next to some shipping containers by the sea between the ship "Chartered Libertime Line" and the Vice City Port Authority building. The Flatbed has quite slow accelaration and a mediocre top speed; however, it's ramming capabilities are nearly the best of any non specialty vehicle in GTA:Vice City. The only vehicle that outdoes the Flatbed for collisions is the Coach, which also has a higher top speed and better accelaration. It's ramming abilities can be attributed to it's 10-wheeler dump truck design, short wheel base and the fact that it is always carrying a load. It is loaded with three large pipes, ten wooden crates, or something that is both strapped down and covered with a tarp that resembles the fusilage of a small aircraft. Up close, though, it looks like it is just dirt.

The default radio stations played in the Flatbed vary depending on whether it is parked or stolen. If parked it will play K-Chat, FlashFM, VCPR, Espantoso, Emotion 98.3, or Wave 103. When stolen while being driven by somebody it will play Wildstyle if the driver is the black guy wearing all blue, or Vrock if it is the construction worker.