A garage is a place at some of your properties where you can store vehicles, where the game will not lose them. The cheapest property with a garage is Links View Appartment, costing $6,000, which has a single car garage. The largest garage can be found at Hyman Condo, which has a total of three garages. The largest one holds four vehicles, and the other two hold two each. If you push it, a helicopter can be put in this garage.


If you park your vehicle right in front of a full garage and get out, the door will open, at which point you can quickly get in and drive your vehicle into the garage. The door will try to close the whole time you are in a car in an overfull garage. The game will usually remember all the vehicles in the garage unless it is far over the limit; such as if you filled the four car garage at Hyman Condo with motorcycles.