Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist of GTA: Vice City, voiced by Ray Liotta He says many different things when you get in fights or get in a car accident. Often they make no sense as they are picked at random regardless of the situation. Some of the lines are generic; many of them are immature and make the game seem like more of a joke rather than developing it's character. Some lines are a lot more rare than others, such as "Dumb Florida morons" heard rarely other than during the cutscene of Jury Fury.

Stealing a carEdit

Come on, get lost. Hey, you. You don't want this to get any worse pal.


Was I in a blind spot or something? Dumb Florida morons. Get off the road, idiot. Do you even have a license? Watch out! What did you do that for? How could you not see me, moron? Don't make it any worse for yourself. At least I don't own this piece of crap. You morons can't drive. Thanks, nice one.

On footEdit

You think prison reforms people? Think I'm joking? Ya still got problems with me pal? This could get ugly! Whoa! What did ya expect? Let's all calm down, pal. You know what this is? You're messing with a lunatic. I did your wife you poor bastard. I'm innocent. You can't run, officer. You like having this pointed at you? Ya keep pushing me, you get this. I've already been to prison. Sorry, but I need that. If I have to kill you, I will.